Why Sharing Student Accommodation in Brisbane is a Great Idea

To some, sharing a room while in uni with a stranger is enough to make them nervous, especially for students new to Brisbane. After all, you have no clue whether your roommate has the same interests and shares the same values. However, there are plenty of benefits that come with shared student accommodation.

In fact, it is always better than living alone. If you are hesitant about sharing accommodation while pursuing your education, here are five reasons why you should be looking into properties offering student accommodation with the option of sharing.

A Bigger Social Circle

Sharing accommodations with a roommate is a good idea, especially if you are new to Brisbane. Sharing offers you a great chance of connecting with new friends, making it easy to settle in. Further, if your new apartment mates are from different cities, it is fun discovering and figuring out what the city has to offer.

Don’t forget, your social network will blossom almost as soon as you step into the apartment blocks. The fact that these friendships may only last until you finish university should not stop you. You will gain friends from different cities and different parts of the world – it doesn’t get better than that!

Help with School Work

While you may be pursuing different majors, it does not mean that your roommate in shared student accommodation cannot help you out. For instance, when writing your essay, get your roommate to proofread it before submitting it. Further, your new roomie might be the perfect sounding board when you are looking for new, revolutionary ideas. Click here Student One

The Savings

If you opt to rent student accommodation learn to cut down on monthly expenses significantly. If possible, you can come to an agreement on how to split the cost of supplies, food and much more.

A great idea is arranging on purchasing groceries in turns so you always have food as well as supplies. In addition, you can have your roommates pick something up when you are busy at school or a part-time job. In the end, life in Brisbane as a student becomes more affordable, and you have plenty left to spend on things you love.

Employee Discounts

Imagine that your flatmate works part-time at one of your favourite stores in Brisbane. If you play the cards right, you will purchase everything you want using employee discounts, and save money thanks to your roommate. A flatmate that works in a restaurant means that you are literally comfortable on those days you are not up to cooking.

Someone to Share With

Living away from your family can be quite hard when you don’t have some to share your day and experiences with. It becomes even harder to celebrate something you conquered when there is no one to share with. Shared student accommodation offers you someone or people to share your joy with, share about your bad day, and living away from home becomes easier.

In addition to sharing student accommodation, Student One also offers couple student accommodation in executive studio or studio king rooms, which are configurable to suit couples. Their three locations in Brisbane mean that you can always get accommodation close to your university.