Trendy Fence Ideas for 2020

Fencing your garden, backyard or front yard is about functionality and aesthetics. There is a range of fence types like you can find in or you’re browsing it online. Choosing the best one for your property could be confusing especially if it’s your first time. Check our trendy fence ideas for 2020 below and get the best fencing solutions for your home.

Woven Fence

For those like uniformity and uniqueness a the same time, woven fences would be a trendy option in 2020. It does create natural looks and becomes home to beautiful climbing plants. On the other hand, it allows better air circulation in the fenced area. However, woven fences aren’t a security fence and they’re less durable than wooden or metal fences.

Slatted Fences

If you have a garden with vegetables, flowers or other plants, inviting sunlight is both crucial and beautiful to witness. It generates a modern appearance to your property and is definitely functional. This type of fence can be built from different materials including wooden, steels, and even bamboos. You can choose the one that suits your taste and just enjoy a trendy fence for your home. Ozwhite Fencing offers aluminum slat fences for a lighter and more durable option.

Colorbond Fence

Another trendy fence in 2020 is the colorbond fence that recognized as a reliable & versatile fence for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. Colorbond fence is for those who want more privacy on their property area. It looks solid and can be painted which makes them become everyone’s favorites this year. Colorbond fences provided by companies like offers more advantages. These fences are covered with up to a 10-year warranty and can be personalized to fit your specific requirements.

Picket Style Fencing

Yes, picket style fences are still adorable in 2020 but are ready for the more simple, modern device. Not only that they’re sweet, but picket-style fences could also be safe fencing solutions for partitions if you have separated outdoor areas. These fences usually come in lower heights and create a more intimate environment which makes it best for a family home. The popular materials for picket-style fences are woods and you can choose different types of finishing.

Flowery Garden Fence

For garden or patio parting, the flowery garden fence would your best option. While it works more like the boundary than an actual fence, you can let plants and flowers grow vertically through them. These will provide you with a living wall that you can trim and maintain at a regular basis. When the flowers blooming(or you can browse ones), then you’ll know why this flowery garden fence should be on your list.

Iron Railing Fence

If you prefer a more classic and “heavy-duty” design, the iron railing fence has a special place in 2020. Don’t get it wrong, these fences are still widely used and adaptive to various modern curves and ornaments. They usually appear in a classic color black but more vendors are able to accommodate more color options. Since it could be a high investment, be sure to choose the designs carefully. You can visit for personalized fencing.