Guide to Shopping for the Right Bike

Are you shopping for a new bike? The task of choosing a bike is more than just on aesthetic alone. When you go into a Sydney bike shop, you will soon realize that you have plenty of options. If you are new to shopping for bikes, you might be overwhelmed. However, experts suggest looking at three main criteria in choosing which bike to invest in: type of bike, features, and components of the bike, and fit.
Types of Bike
To the uninitiated, all bikes are the same. But every biking enthusiast knows that each type of bike can make a difference in the riding experience. It is, therefore, important to brush up on the different types before you start shopping around at a Sydney bike shop.
There are four common types of bikes available in the market today. The first one is a road bike, which in itself has many types such as racing, touring and endurance bikes. This type of bike is designed for use on a paved surface. Meanwhile, mountain bikes are pretty common and are one of the most in-demand in the market right now. Mountain bikes can be cross-country or trail bikes and are designed to endure gravel roads and rugged terrain. Check Two Monkeys Cycling for more details.
Hybrid bikes, on the other hand, are designed for use on either dirt tracks or paved road. Meanwhile, specialty bikes are the ones that can be folded or electric bike types. They are often used on pavements or slightly paved roads.
Bike Features and Component
With an understanding of the basic types of bikes, another factor you should look into when you enter a cycling store Sydney Alexandria has today are the features of the bike itself. Some of the common features to keep a close eye on are the gears, wheel size, brakes, suspension, handlebars and the frame material.
All of these features and components directly impact the riding experience in terms of what the bike can endure, its top speed capacity and other safety features. This one is something that you should not take lightly since it relates to the performance of the bike and your safety while using it.
Bike Fit
The bike fit is a non-technical factor to look into but is a key element for bikers to consider. Bikes sold at a cycle shop Sydney Alexandria has to offer come in a variety of frame sizes. It is important to know the bike size and height range for each bike. If you want, you can even try riding on the bike when you buy. This will give you an idea of the fit and your comfort level when riding the bike. It is important that the bike is not too big or too tall for you to ride on.
With this information in hand, you can now head to a Sydney bike shop with confidence that you can make the right decision. It is also important to choose the best bike shop Sydney Alexandria has to offer because it speaks to the quality of the bikes they have on-hand. To get you started, you can start shopping around for bikes at