Get the Best and Most Reliable Utility Canopies in Australia from XL

XL is Australia’s largest and pioneer supplier of service bodies. The company is highly regarded by many service teams for its excellent quality of utility canopies, Tool Boxes and Service Bodies with different models to justify all applications. The innovative designs augment the excellent appearance coupled with enhanced operating efficiency.

utility canopies

The products from the XL manufacturing line are characterised by their general light weight bodies which, nonetheless, have high strength and quality. Australia is the leading manufacturing hub of all canopies and service bodies and all the components, fixings and materials are sourced locally. The fountainhead of the canopies and service bodies of the company is in Brisbane.

XL has engineered, researched and then developed its very ROPS (Rollover Protection System).The latest R- Body of XL is the combination of A-Body and ROPS system. XL has engineered and fostered its own Light Vehicle ROPs .This latest XL body is superior for its rear vision and shoulder vision visibility. The latest technology has adjustable interior lightening and smartly galvanised shelves. A very interesting characteristic is its low height that enables for vehicle roll and underground parking.

The company also develops Aluminum utility canopies which are highly recommended by all the manufacturers across the world. These aluminum canopies are considerably stronger than conventional canopies, with their strength as their biggest winning quality. Aluminum is durable hence it is largely resistant to cracking, weathering and rusting. It is great for pocket and fits even the meager budgets of the customers. One of the striking features of the Aluminium Canopy is it is light weight. It merrily allows the manufacturers to avoid the unnecessary extra weights that occupy the entire weight in its counterpart steel units. Aluminum canopies have impeccable loading capacities. As aluminum is very environmental friendly, it can be easily recycled by straightway melting it down.

XL manufactures Aluminium UTE Canopies for the requirements and specifications of the customers by providing extraordinary style, quality and the best value. The company is committed to provide superior quality without falsely sacrificing and adjusting its high quality. The impression is excellent owing to its high standard feature, excellent quality and value for money. The styling of the canopies is quite unique rending great stylish and strong functional unit that enhances not only the practicability of the vehicle but also its robust appearance.

These are manufactured with an aim to provide lifelong service to XL’s customers. The manufacturing methods and high quality materials make the UTE canopies to last a lifetime. XL provides high quality door locks, gas struts, door seals, tray liner of rubbers and hinge of stainless steel at unbelievable prices. Customised Ute trays are also available that you can design as per your style and comfort requirements. The company promises to make work more leisure and stress relieving as client satisfaction is their only priority. These Ute canopies are very fuel efficient as they reduce the wind amount that drags as mostly canopies are flat. Their utility canopies are truly a decent investment. Please visit